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Fernando Martinez has been a top instructor in the Northern Virginia area since 1997. His work as an instructor began with certification at the Nicklaus Academy. He worked two years with the Nicklaus Academy before transferring to Mid-Atlantic Golf in Alexandria. His most recent post was Director of Instruction at Top Golf.

In the past seventeen years Fernando has given literally thousands of golf lessons. He has taught several club champions, a number of Juniors that went on to get golf scholarships and numerous students that went from high 90’s to low 70’s in an extremely short time frame.

Fernando started playing golf at age 31 and turned PRO in seven years. He has developed extensive knowledge of the golf swing, club fitting and Biomechanics. He is Golf Fitness Certified and fully understands physical limitations in golf. The key factor that has helped Fernando achieve at a high level has been his study of Biomechanics and how to simplify the golf swing by removing all excess moving parts.


Number one instructor at Mid-Atlantic Golf and Top Golf in Alexandria.

Selected from hundreds of applicants to head Nicklaus Academy as Lead Instructor/Director of Instruction for the Presidential Golf Club.

Fernando is married and is the father of two beautiful girls.

Swing Philosophy

Every golfer should understand their swing, their physical abilities and improve by applying a repeatable movement. The golf swing is really one movement, extremely similar to throwing a ball, hitting a baseball and utilizing bigger muscle parts to control the movement of the golf club. It begins with the proper set up, then understanding a clear intent in pre-swing thoughts and limiting in-swing thoughts. When golfers clear their minds from a hit mentality to a pendulum swing of the golf club magical things happen. It is not necessary to change people’s current swing, but to add the proper use of the body from the ground up.


Way before I became a PGA golf teaching professional, I was fitting and selling golf clubs. The job of a fitter in general is to get a golfer into a set of clubs.

To fit someone, we check for length, lie, appropriate shaft stiffness and proper kick points on the shaft. In addition, we make sure we order the correct size and style of grips. A fitter will fit a golfer for how your are striking the ball today. The job of the fitter is not to judge the golfer, but to create current specs for how the person plays golf now. Being a golf teaching professional my analysis of the fitting is based on a persons future abilities and potential improvement in the player’s game. For example, people are fit to two degrees upright because they have a tendency to stand up at impact. Instead, I will teach a person how to stay down with the shot. A person will have more improvement by playing the game correctly and not adjusting to the club.
I have been selling Callaway Golf clubs for over 20 years and have never sold one set that was not demonstrably better than the clubs you are currently playing. If I cannot show immediate improvement with new set of clubs, I’m not selling them!


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